Celebrate Holi Festival in Eternal Holy City
11-18 March 2025
Join us for a 7-day portrait photography workshop in the holiest Hindu city of Varanasi.

Experience the colourful festival of Holi.

Discover the art of portrait photography, lighting, editing,
and much more while making memories that will
last you a lifetime.
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Workshop itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Varanasi
After a long flight, it's time to unwind. A hotel driver will ensure a stress-free journey by picking you up from the airport.
Depending on your arrival time join us for a leisurely stroll along the River Ganges or meet us at the hotel for the start of the workshop.
Day 2 - Portrait Workshop
Let's ease into the day. Participate in the morning Puja ceremony and explore the Old city of Varanasi. An easy walk along the ghats will undoubtedly leave you excited for the rest of the trip.
We will start our workshop this morning joined by a local guide and fixer. Meet and photograph Babas in natural light or with the use of a portable flash. Today's emphasis will be on capturing a multitude of portraits. After a day on our feet, we will go through all important backups and cataloging of our images in Lightroom.

Day 3 - Portrait & Street Photography Workshop
After the morning portrait session, we will venture out onto the river. Guided by local boatmen, discover Varanasi from the holy river. Following the boat tour and a hearty breakfast, we'll venture into a maze of old streets looking for more photography subjects.
The portrait session will be followed by an evening Puja and bonfires as preparation for the end of winter and Holi festival taking place the following day.
Day 4 - Holi Festival Photography
Today marks the highlight of our journey. Holi festival is not for faint hearted and we can guarantee you will remember it for years to come. We will wander through the historic areas of Varanasi in search of the most colourful and lively celebrations. Party into the night and experience the Holi festival with locals and tourists alike.
Day 5 - Portrait Workshop
The morning after... Whether you feel like staying in bed for a bit longer or heading out the choice is yours. Throughout the day we will be visiting local markets, food stalls, and craft makers. This will give us a diverse range of subjects to photograph.
Day 6 - Skills Workshop
In preparation for today let's engage in a discussion about the specific photography aspects you'd like to explore and enhance. We'll delve into topics such as long exposure, time blending, hyperlapse, and shoot-and-stitch. Brace yourself for a dynamic and informative day packed with valuable learning experiences! This might be a new challenge for you and we are here to help you through.
Day 7 - Practice, Practice, Practice
On the final day of the workshop, let's maximise our time and put into practice the skills you've acquired over the past week. In the evening, we'll gather for a celebratory meal to conclude the trip on a festive note.
Day 8 - Departure
Today we're going to say good-bye to our friends and Varanasi. Depending on your flight time we'll arrange your airport taxi. For those staying on a little longer enjoy the city and we wish you a pleasant journey back home.
  • -1-
    What's included
    • 3-4* hotel - twin sharing room
    • Airport transfers
    • Breakfast
    • Photography workshops
    • Editing workshops
    • Photography fees
    • Native guide/fixer
    • Two boat rides
    • Facebook group support*
    • Lightroom preset pack*
    • Portable flash unit with softbox*
    • Lens and sensor cleaning kit*
    • Disposable camera rain cover*
  • -2-
    What's not included
    • International or domestic flights
    • Lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks
    • Travel insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Visa
    • Personal expenses
    • Fixer tip
  • -3-
    What to bring
    • DSLR or Mirrorless camera
    • Lenses
    • Tripod
    • Laptop with Lr and Ps*
    • Memory cards
    • Spare batteries
    • External drive
    • ND or polariser filter
    • Camera backpack or case
    • Old clothes for Holi festival
    • Personal medication
    • Travel adaptors C,D and M type
Varanasi India teenager jumping into river Ganga
Arti ceremoni Varanasi night
Varanasi and River Ganges
Varanasi from river ganges boat ride
Varanasi sunset from the ganga river
Varanasi street life
Narrow street in Varanasi India
River Ganga, Varanasi India
Older man lifting weights in Varanasi india gym
Varanasi India street life
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Varanasi India night
celebration in Varanasi India
Festival in Varanasi India
sunrise over river ganga
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